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An undesirable or unfortunate event that occurs unintentionally arising from carelessness, unawareness,ignorance, system failure or a combination of these causes which usually leads to harm, injury, loss of life, livelihood or property or damage to the environment.

Accidents of particularly common types (auto, fire, etc.) are investigated to identify how to avoid them in the future. This is sometimes called root cause analysis, but does not generally apply to accidents that cannot be deterministically predicted. A root cause of an uncommon and purely random accident may never be identified, and thus future similar accidents remain "accidental."

Types of Accidents

Boat accidents can occur at any place where boats operate on National and State Waterways including small rivers and lakes. Boat accidents are found to occur mainly during the flood season, more so during bad weather and also under conditions of impaired visibility. Boats are more vulnerable during large gatherings such as festivals especially during their opening time when people want to reach early before its start or at closing time when there is a rush of people wanting to return home before night fall. Poor visibility at the time have also contributed to boat accidents especially those cases that take place due to collision.

Advisory on Prevention of Boat Capsizing Accidents.

Advisory on Drowning

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