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GOI-UNDP DRR Programme (GOI-UNDP Disaster Risk Reduction Programme)


The GoI-UNDP DRR Programme 2009-2012 addressed the priorities and issues underlined in the national development plans, United Nations Development Assistance Framework and UNDP Country Programme Action Plan. The programme was implemented by the Government with the involvement of civil society partners with UNDP support at the National, State and local levels. It was done with the support of different government agencies and line departments in mainstreaming DRR into development programs and in developing feasible risk reduction interventions. It has promoted community-level interventions, with an emphasis on social inclusion and gender equity and empowerment. It also established partnerships with NGOs and academic institutions to provide the programme with wider outreach.

Under the programme efforts were made to strengthen the State and District Disaster Management Authorities (DMAs) to reduce disaster risk proactively, and implement timely, sustainable, and locally relevant recovery activities in post-disaster situations. It emphasized institution-building and technical capacity-building including NGOs, Private sector and academia.


The programme had a significant focus on urban risk management, which encompassed risk assessments, emergency preparedness and response, and urban risk reduction. The program contributed to a strong regulatory framework for applying mitigation measures related to land-use planning and building codes.